Creating a customer recCustomer - Minimumord in ASR is as easy as 1,2,3. ASR requires the minimum information to be entered to create a customer record. The following fields are, however, mandatory:

  • Consultant – Each customer is assigned to a sales consultant. This way no customer record will float around unaccounted for.
  • Capture Date – By date stamping a customer record, ASR can track how effectively the associated sales consultant is engaging with the customer over time.
  • Full Name – Only a name and surname is required or a business name.
  • Phone – The main contact number of the customer.
  • Status – A customer record can be in one of three states: In Progress, Lost or Sold. All entered customers are initially set to In Progress and these customers make up the bulk of a sales consultant’s sales pipeline.
  • Enquiry Type – The user has 4 options here: Internet, Walk In, Phone or Dealer Initiated. Enquiry type broadly categorises where a dealership’s enquiries have originated from.

Once the above information is entered, the user clicks submit and a record for the customer is created. ASR can later be searched, and the customer record can be updated further.

The next post we’ll look at the “Road to Sale” steps.