In Dashboard (Sales Consultants)– Part I, we looked at the Today’s Schedule report and the delivery chart, which is situated at the top of the new, used and fleet sales consultants as well as on their associated managers’ dashboards. In this post, we will discuss the three reports situated in the middle of the dashboard labelled, Outstanding Deliveries, November Sales Reports and Cancelled Sales Reports.

Dashboard - Part II.png

Outstanding Deliveries

Any sale record with an estimated sale date that has elapsed, i.e. is stamped with a date that is before today (current date), is marked as outstanding by ASR. This situation should alert the user to the fact that a delivery date has either been missed or a delivered sale record has not been stamped with an actual delivery date stamp. In the attached screen cap the user, Laurence Fishburne, has 2 outstanding deliveries – one New vehicle sale and one Used vehicle sale. For each vehicle sale type, the report also displays the POG* (Pool of Gross) for the total number of vehicles that have outstanding estimated delivery dates.

The two vehicles listed in this report can be easily found by selecting from the main menu Sales->Outstanding Deliveries. The two vehicles are presented in log format as such:

Outstanding Deliveries.png

These sales records can be updated by clicking on the View Details link on the far-right side of the log.

*POG = Vehicle GP + F&I GP +AMKT GP + Warranty GP

November Sales Snapshot

The report situated in the middle and labelled, November Sales Snapshot, lists all the vehicles sales for the current month. This report specifies the number of vehicles that were sold, their total Trading GP and PVR**.

The eight vehicles listed in this report can be easily found by selecting from the main menu Sales->MTD Sales. The eight vehicles are presented in log format as such:

MTD Sales.png

This report will constantly inform the user how his/her sales is progressing for the current month.

**PVR = Per Vehicle Retail. Note: The Sales Snapshot report only include sales record with a filled out GP value into the PVR calculation. 

Cancelled Sales In November

The same report format that is used for the Outstanding Deliveries reports is also used for the Cancelled Sales in November report. It is important to note that only vehicles that were sold in the current month and then subsequently cancelled will be displayed in this report.

The one vehicle listed in this report can be easily found by selecting from the main menu Sales->View Cancelled Sales. The one vehicle is presented in log format as such:

Cancelled Sales.png

Details of any of the sales records listed in the above three reports can be easily accessed via their associated View Details links.

The next post, Dashboard (Sales Consultants) – Part III,  we will look at the bottom three reports, C/O From Last Month, November Delivery Snapshot and C/O into next month.