Customer records can be updated from various places in ASR (via the appointment and follow up schedulers or sales pipeline). The direct way to update a customer record is to first find the customer record and then update it.

Once the customer record has been found, it will be displayed in a report.

Searched Customer Result

To update the customer record, click on the Capture Date. The customer record details form will be displayed. From here the user can update the customer record. When the user clicks the Update button the customer record will be updated with the newly added information.

Customer Update Details form

The update details screen allows the user to update the Road to Sale steps: Meet and Greet, Finance Intro, Valuation, Test Drive and Worksheet. These steps can then be monitored in the user’s sales pipeline.

The user can also set a follow up date and/or an appointment date. Both follow ups and appointments are managed and monitored via the follow up and appointment schedulers.

The Notes field acts as a sticky note. Anyone can edit this field. If users wish to enter a permanent note against a customer record, then they can do so by entering it via the Detail Note field. Notes entered this way is date and user stamped and cannot be deleted.