In Dashboard – Part I and Dashboard – Part II, we described the functionality of the five top elements on the sales consultant’s dashboard. In this post, we will discuss the three reports situated at the bottom of their individual dashboards, C/O From Last Month, November Delivery Snapshot and C/O Into Next Month.

Dashboard - Part III

Let’s first look at the November Delivery Snapshot (report at the bottom-middle). This report captures your covered position. In the example screen capture we can see that Lorence Fishburne’s current covered position is 13. This number is based on the fact that he has already DELIVERED one vehicle for November and have another twelve vehicles that are TO BE DELIVERED (in November).

This information is of value to the sales consultants as their sales managers do not have to chase them up for their covered position number at the beginning of each week or at month end. By simply entering sales information as sales occur during the run of the month, ASR automatically calculates sales consultant’s covered position for them and report it to their dashboards. As with any of the other reports on the dashboard, the sales consultant can quickly access the sales that are reported on the November Delivery Snapshot report by selecting either of the following options from the main menu:

  • Sales->MTD Delivered
  • Sales->MTD To Be Delivered

The vehicle sales that make up the DELIVERED and TO BE DELIVERED numbers could have been sold in the current month, or up to twelve months prior to the current month. Quickly finding and viewing the related sales that are reported as DELIVERED and/or TO BE DELIVERED is convenient as the sales consultant don’t have to manually search his/her sales history to figure out which sales’ deliveries are upcoming or which have already been delivered this month.

The report in the lower left-hand corner labelled, C/O From Last Month, is a summary of all the vehicles that were sold in the last 12 months that are coming up for delivery in the current month. In essence, it keeps track of the number of sales carried over from previous month.

The report in the lower-right hand-corner, C/O Into Next Month, is a summary of all the vehicles that were sold the current or previous months that are scheduled for delivery from next month on-wards. The same as with all the other reports on the dashboard, the sales records, for both the C/O From Last Month and C/O Into Next Month reports can be quickly found and accessed from the main menu options:

  • Sales->C/O From Last Month
  • Sales->C/O Into Next Month

These bottom three reports, including the November Sales Report, clearly and effectively pinpoint each sale that the consultant should be aware of. From there is easy to find each individual sale at hand when it needs to be updated.

This concludes the third part in a series of three posts, which describes the layout of the ASR  Sales Consultant’s Dashboard.


*Note: The reader will notice that:

# Vehicles in the C/O From Last Month (6) + # Vehicles in the November Sales Snapshot reports (8) – TOTAL 14


# Vehicles in the November Delivery Snapshot (13) + # Vehicles in the C/O into Next Month (1) – TOTAL – 14

*Congratulations to Doris Wang (New Cars Sales Manager – Heidelberg Mitsubishi) for being the first person to figure out this embedded algorithm!